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#Split Visit Split The red roofs of Split link visitors to the Adriatic Sea and to history. The Greeks settled in the area over 2,000 years...

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Sights in the city

Diocletian Palace and Peristyle

Overlooking the Split harbour, the 1700 years old palace is one of the most important architectural heritage of the Roman Empire.

Cathedral of St.Duje (Saint Domnius)

Sv. Dujam was the first bishop of Salona, and in his honor was erected magnificent cathedral with a bell tower 57 meters high, built in the 13th century.

Jupiter’s temple

It was one of the three temples at the Peristyle, where the other two was dedicated to Venus and Cybele.

Cindro Palace

The palace Cindro is an example of baroque architecture in Split.

Prokurativa – Republic Square

This beautiful Neo Renaissance square decorated by three sides columns while the fourth side is open to the sea. In the summer months are held various cultural and musical events.

Piazza – People’s Square

Surrounded by stunning buildings: the Renaissance clock erected on the ruins of a Roman tower, the first town hall and Renaissance palace of aristocratic family Karepic with the exceptional coat of arm on its facade.

National Theater

Once the biggest theater in southern Europe


Archaeological Museum

The Split Archaeological Museum is the oldest museum institution in Croatia, founded in 1820 by the decree of the Dalmatian government in Zadar. With history at the forefront of every turn you make in Split, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to walk the city streets. Now imagine having some of the best treasures ever found in one place for your viewing and imagine how you’ll feel! This museum, which has been at its current location since 1917, offers over 15,000 different exhibits and is the perfect tour on an overcast, rainy Split day. One of the highlights to see are the sarcophagi that were located in Salona. The craftsmanship is incredible and you’ll find locals making a tour of the museum every day to see the treasures too

Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments 

Is the only museum in Croatia dedicated to researching and presenting cultural artifacts of the Croats in the Middle Ages, between the 7th and 15th centuries, particularly the time of the early medieval Croatian state from 9th to 12th century.

Split City Museum

Is housed in the former Papalić Palace. The collection presents the urban, cultural, artistic and economic heritage of the city.

Ethnographical Museum

Has a wide range of ethnographic content mainly from Dalmatia. Founded in 1910, the museum collects original and contemporary applications of traditional heritage.

Maritime Museum

Has a collection of marine equipment and supplies, weapons and navigation equipment, medals, ship models, uniforms and equipment.

An art museum that contains works from the 14th century to the present day providing an overview of the artistic developments in the local art scene. The gallery was founded in 1931, and has a permanent exhibition of paintings and sculptures that includes works by major Croatian artists The gallery also has an extensive collection of icons, and holds special exhibits of works by contemporary artists.

Art museum dedicated to the work of the 20th-century sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. The gallery displays some of his most significant work, and the building itself is an art monument.

Off the beaten track

Marjan Park

Split has many UNESCO World Heritage sites to enjoy and you’ve never been to Split before, then you’re going to want to see the marbled maze of majestic historical treasures. That’s for later in the day, however, when the sites are open. If you love an early morning walk, then the dense pine forest of Marjan Park is the place you’re going to want to be. With plenty of hiking trails, this park offers a cool, quiet place to enjoy a brisk walk while getting away from the hustle and bustle of the early morning city streets.

The early morning isn’t the only time of day that one can enjoy Marjan Park. Whenever you want a panoramic view of Split, then this is one of the best places to be. There are public beaches available within the park as well, but these do tend to get busy with tourists and locals alike as the weather begins to warm up. There are plenty of facilities on site, cart vendors if you need a snack, and a cool way to enjoy whatever portion of the day you choose to spend here.


You’ll find Sustipan in the southwest portion of Split harbor and there is just as much history here as there is throughout the rest of the city. The green space dates back to Medieval times and was initially used as an agricultural space because it was outside the city walls. As the city modernized, Sustipan began to be used as the town cemetery.

The best thing to do in Sustipan is to just find an open patch of grass, watch the sea, and enjoy a beautifully sunny day that Split has offered you. There’s enough open space that you can bring a game or two to play if you want as well. Even a simple stroll amongst the trees is a viable way to enjoy the simple, classicist style of this open area.

Palace Varos

The palace in Split is one of the most visited places in the city and for good reason. You’re going to want to spend some time there too! The varos that surrounds the palace, however, is equally breathtaking! It’s a true sense of the Middle Ages that you’ll get as you wander about this appealing part of town. There are fewer glimpses of wealth and fame here and getting lost isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

There are stone churches to see, narrow streets to navigate, and small homes with steep walking slopes to enjoy. In many ways, the neighborhoods surrounding the palace is the true heartbeat of the city over the centuries and you’ll feel that with every step that you take. There are some guided tours available of the neighborhood to see, but sometimes not having an agenda is the way to go. Do try to see the Sveti Frane while meandering.


This is another one of the neighborhoods that surround the old city center and it is named after an old water spring that was located in the area. Most people come to this neighborhood to enjoy the festival that is held there in the last week of June, but the old cobble streets and hidden alleys have many hidden gems to offer at any time of year. There are several small squares that offer little shops and cafes to enjoy and the red shutters matched with the white stone blocks make for an outstanding view.


Even if you don’t love visiting ruins, the charm of Salona is something that will leave an impression on you permanently. This old city has a museum to enjoy, but on a beautiful day, strolling the old city to see the public baths and the amphitheater is a wonderful time. There are lots of open spaces and with the mountains in the background, this is a great way to enjoy what Split has to offer all in one location.

Cetina Canyon

It takes a little effort to make your way to Cetina Canyon outside of Split, but the effort is definitely worth the time and price it might take! The waters of the canyon shine with an emerald brilliance on a sunny day and the river runs like a necklace underneath the high canyon walls. If you love a good canyon adventure, free climbing, kayaking, and rafting are all available.

There are also several little villages that you can explore along the canyon and each has something truly unique to offer. Some have local wines and other alcohol for sale, while local honey is always a good option as well. Homemade dishes seem to always be cooking, providing a tempting aroma no matter where you happen to go.

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