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    Rio sits between lush mountains and the glorious beaches fronting the Atlantic and is a true city of the imagination. The pulse of the samba is rarely absent from this city in which every day is a celebration.
    Like all of coastal Brazil, Rio is sultry and humid for most of the year. Summer temperatures hover around 28 C. The rainy season occurs from October to January. Winters in Rio feature temperatures of around 23 C.
    Transport:getting there and getting away
    Flights connect Rio with all of Brazil and Latin America, as well as many other major cities. Buses depart for most destinations from Novo Rio Rodoviaria.
    City buses are often crowded and struggle through Rio’s traffic. Rio has an excellent, air-conditioned subway system but it only covers points north of Botafogo.
    Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts
    Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of Rio de Janeiro hotels
    Events:what’s on and what’s hot
    *Carnaval is the five-day internationally-famous extravaganza beginning at midnight on the Friday before Ash Wednesday. Dancing, parades, head-dresses and flaunted bodies make up this unforgettable spectacle.
    *The Fiestas Junina’s is celebrated in public squares throughout June.
    *August 15 sees music, colorful stalls and a parade celebrating the Festa de NS da Gloria do Outeiro.
    *Festa da Penha is one of the largest religious festivals in the city. It’s held every Sunday in October.

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