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The best way is to ask the locals what to see and do, ask the tourist information office. Here you can get local, professional and free advice.
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Staroměstská radnice (Old Town Hall)
Praha 1 – Staré Město, 110 00

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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is an extraordinarily beautiful city. Standing on the banks of the river Vltava (the locals generally use the German name for it the Moldau). Few wars or natural disaster ever reach here and the architectural heritage has been beautifully preserved. It is also know as the “Hundred Spired City” due to the many churches that adorn the city streets.
Much of the street plan, in as much as there is one, is medieval. And will come as a surprise (hopefully a pleasant one) to anyone used to living in a grid pattern North American city.
The city still boasts many beautiful buildings dating from the baroque period; a sight lost to much of Europe, that suffered so much in the devastation of two world wars. The canter of the city is a pleasure to walk around. Much of it is dating from the 14th century, when Charles IV started the university and built the “New Town” area of the city.
Prague only established itself as the capital in 1918 with the creation of Czechoslovakia. It remained under Soviet control until 1989, when the “Velvet Revolution” gently broke the grip of the failing Soviet Union.
Nowadays the city has thriving cafes, clubs and shops, where the newly wealthy and the inspirational window shopper can keep themselves amused for hours on end. The boulevards contain everything from traditional Czech souvenirs to the latest hi tech modern electrical gadgetry.
Food and drink in Prague are both hearty and affordable. You must try the dumplings and the beer is some of the finest on the continent. It is also the original home of Budweiser and they still make their own, some would say superior version.
The hotels are more expensive than they used to be, but are still affordable. Look around for the best bargains. The transport, mainly buses and trams, is very good.

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    Tourist information Prague

    Tourist information The best way is to ask the locals what to see and do, ask the tourist information office. Here you can get local,...

    Esthetx Dental Clinic, Prague

    Esthetx Dental Clinic Václavské náměstí 794/38 110 00 Praha +420 224 263 196 WWW

    Novodent, Prague

    Novodent Vodňanská 1656/5 198 00, Praha 9 +420 224 211 027 WWW


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