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    Discover Dubai

    Dubai is located within the Gulf States and is the second largest of the United Arab Emirates. Despite being right in the centre of this oil rich area, Dubai’s revenue from oil accounts for only 6% of its gross domestic product.
    However, Dubai is hugely innovative and successful in construction and development in various industries and is a great example of progress. Dubai has developed itself into a worldwide attraction in that it has burgeoned into a spectacular modern city from what was once a small desert port.
    Accommodation Options
    Dubai is a very luxurious city and that is reflected in the hotels there. One of the most impressive is the landmark Sails hotel that stands proud at the waterfront and is a dominant and striking sight. Dubai also has a range of standard hotels to accommodate for all needs and budgets.
    Dubai History
    As far as history and cities are concerned, Dubai was a late developer and didn’t establish itself as a large fishing port until the early nineteenth century. However, the city really started to grow tremendously during the seventies. Due to the interest from foreigner traders, Dubai has successfully established itself with the international commerce market and now relies less on oil.
    Sights and attractions
    The buildings are the most spectacular features to see in Dubai. Also, check out The Dubai museum as it provides a great introductory knowledge on the Emirates. The recently developed Palm Island is a man made complex that from the air appears as a palm tree. Another outstanding project that is currently being developed in Dubai is The World. This is a series of man made islands that are specifically shaped and sized to form and resemble the World from an aerial view.
    Eating and Drinking
    The city of Dubai is renowned for its impressive range of international cuisine. Restaurants are the most common option of dining choice although the prices are a bit high. There are plenty of pubs, bars and entertainment areas for those looking for some late night fun.
    If you like shopping and are heading for Dubai then you are going to the right place. Shopping is one of the most common excuses to visit this desert city. You can buy just about anything in Dubai and much of it is at bargain prices.

    Embark on a Safari – Desert Safari

    There are several locations around Dubai that one could choose to embark on with their desert safaris and have plenty of leisurely time ahead in the rustic Arabian countryside.
    These safaris normally take place at a time the sun just starts lowering down on the western horizon and the sand dunes begin displaying larger shadows. The excitement of traveling straightway down from Dubai into a vast deserted land can be immeasurable in these circumstances. One normally encounters scattered villages and well-bred camels straying across on earth while being on these expeditions. The purple Arabian skies provide a very fitting backdrop for camping out in the desert as the evening finally sets in. Dubai is appreciated not only for its trade and commerce but also for the tourism activities it presents these days, and desert safaris may without doubt be stated as one of the key areas where these activities generally lay around at.
    There are several available options for the tourists to get their safaris selected from. Generally all major hotels and resorts will get such trips organized when asked for by their clients. Guides are provided with all traveling parties for the duration beginning from the late afternoon start of any journey to the same night return later. Travelers should keep aware about the kind of topsy-turvy ride they might be about to undertake, as miles of sand dunes will be lying ahead in the path to be taken care of. Any lack of carefulness on part of the driver may cause the jeep to be overturned or get stuck inside the sand. Somehow, the fun and excitement of traveling like a gypsy will make out these stressful parts insignificant.
    Once deep inside the desert, one may witness camels ferrying tourists across from one souk to another. It’s not only entertaining but challenging as well to be placed at the top of mounting and dismounting camel backs. The long-necked mammals on their part are well bred and nicely taken care of by their masters, and would start acting somewhat like puppies whenever pampered by someone. Just scratch behind any camel’s ears and it would start flattening its necks as if asking for more of the same massage.
    The late evening outings normally include visiting souks in the desert and having Arabian dinner along with some entertaining folk dance and music shows on.

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