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    Alicante Tourist information office

    C/ Cervantes 3
    03002 Alicante. España
    Tel: (+34)965 14 34 52


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    Discover Alicante and Costa Blanca

    Alicante and Costa Blanca are popular destinations in the summer and winter seasons. The beaches along Spain’s coastline are a highlight of summer vacations, in particular, and for obvious reasons. For a unique Costa Blanca holiday, though, consider an alternative to the usual beach vacation or simply supplement your beach time with activities such as climbing tours, walking tours or sea kayaking. These are fabulous activities to enjoy the area’s beautiful surroundings, have fun and relax.
    The Costa Blanca has become a popular destination for those who enjoy climbing. The great weather, inexpensive flights and the variety of climbing routes available make a great vacation for any climbing enthusiast. The mild temperature allows for a longer climbing season which can be especially attractive as climbing holiday during the off seasons and often cold, winter weather back home. There are endless mountain ranges to explore in this eastern part of Spain and over 2,500 climbing routes in the Costa Blanca region.
    A great way to experience the beautiful mountains of the area is though the many guided climbing tours available throughout the region. The milder winter temperatures and inexpensive flights make these tours particular popular in the off seasons. These tours are not only for beginners but are available for climbers of all levels. One on one instruction is also available. A day on the tour usually consists of eight hours of instruction and climbing. As you gain more knowledge and skills, the climbs increase in difficulty. By the end of the week, you should have a good grasp on basic climbing. Some guided climbing tours include all of the equipment you will need, though you will, of course, need to bring the appropriate climbing shoes. Most tours include meals and accommodations, but you will be provided all of the information about your package and what is included.
    If you prefer a less intense Costablanca Holiday but still desire to enjoy the nature of the area, you should consider the alternative of a walking tour. You will have the opportunity to explore the area’s surroundings, nature, valleys and many other locations accessible only by foot. Walking tours are great vacations for the milder temperatures and are available in a weekend package or even an entire week. Most packages include meals and accommodations, though you may stay in a few different places depending on the details of the trip. You will be provided this information prior to embarking on the tour.
    A sea kayaking tour is another great adventure, especially for those preferring to spend their time in the water. You can choose a short one hour tour to supplement your vacation or you may want to try a longer tour and make it the main vacation activity. Kayaking experience is not always required, but it is important that you know how to swim. Though these tours are terrific vacations for the off season, they are available throughout the entire year.

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