Szczecin is one of the best places in Poland to visit and not just because it is located near the Baltic Sea. This 8th century stronghold offers a number of historical tourist opportunities to visit, but that’s just the beginning of what your journey of exploration through this fantastic city could be.

If you’re ready to truly experience Szczecin, then you’re ready to see it through the eyes of those who live there! Here are some of the essential experiences you’ll want to include with your next adventure in this urban center.

Szczecin is a beautiful city that becomes even more amazing when you see it through local eyes. Experience the hidden gems that are around every corner and down every street and you may just find that you’ll want to extend your stay the next time you get away!

Our Travel Tips For Szczecin

St. Jacob’s Cathedral, Szczecin

St. Jacob's Cathedral (Katedra św. Jakuba). The large Gothic cathedral is the main church of the city.

Fountain Waly Chrobrego. Szczecin

Fountain Waly Chrobrego. A nice fountain that lits up in the evening is a popular Szczecin meeting point.

Dancing fountain show. Szczecin

Dancing fountain near Teatr Pleciuga (ul. Wielkopolska). A nice - and free admisson -  fountain show which is very popular among the inhabitants and tourists. The show...

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