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Visit Slovakia

Slovakia is a nation of tall mountain peaks, fairytale cities, and beautiful forests. You’ll find Medieval mines, small villages, and charming monuments waiting for you when you make your way here.

Bardejov is one place you must visit, no matter where you plan to stay when Slovakia is your holiday destination. It has a completely intact medieval town center, listed as a world heritage site, that will simply take your breath away. Consider a visit to Vlkolinec, a small Carpathian village with 45 buildings, to see a traditional mountain community as well.

Slovakia is also a land of castles. Bojnice is the most-visited castle in the country, thanks to the preservation efforts for its interior. Spis Castle is one of the largest on the continent and is also protected as a world heritgage site.

Spa towns have been growing in their influence in Slovakia over the past generation, with Piestany and Rajecke Teplice giving you plenty of exploration and relaxation opportunities.

If you love the outdoors, then there are several national parks and forested areas that will give you the chance to explore. Slovak Karst is particularly impressive with its network of caves. Mala Fatra National Park is close to Rajecke Teplice, so you can enjoy the outdoors and the benefits of a spa town at the same time.

Slovakia offers a chance to relax all year long. Whether you prefer the winter activities of High Tatras or a walk through history in Levoca, there is something for everyone here.

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