Szczecin is a city that is rich in history. It was inhabited by the Slavonic settlers and later by the dukes of Western Pomerania in earlier centuries.

Western Pomerania was then divided stuck between Sweden and Brandenburg-s and later was run by Sweden. After the North War in 1720, Szczecin became a branch of Prussian and was made into an important military center. The city’s long history is felt in its unique and charming character. The city is now on the Polish western border as it was came under Polish administration in 1945.

Visitors who are interested in history will find that the town of Szczecin has much to offer. The Szczecin-Goleniow “Solidarnosc” Airport serves the city and has regular flights to other cities in Poland in combination with other cities around the world.

Buses and electric trams form the popular public transport system and visitors will be able to get around the city very easily. There is also a railway system that connects Szczecin with the remaining parts of Poland.

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