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Unimedex Dental Clinic, Szczecin

Unimedex Dental Clinic Kwiatowa 6 - 8 Szczecin Telephone (UK) 0844 774 1764 Telephone (PL) +48 (0)91 48 33 520 Website Facebook Google+


Special. Implant + Crown Only 1.350 GBP

Special offer for complete implant. Implant + crown only 1.350 GBP. Contact us for more information about this super saver. Unimedex Dental Clinic Kwiatowa 6 - 8 Szczecin Telephone...

Scan the Sky for the cheapest flights

Scan the sky and get inspiration Here you can scan the sky for the cheapest flights in this very effective search engine. Very easy search between...

Wizz Air, London Luton – Szczecin – London Luton

Wizz Air offers cheap flights to and from Szczecin Goleniow Airport from London Luton. Find the cheapest flight to Szczecin, see, search and book...

Ryanair, Dublin – Szczecin – Dublin

Ryanair offers cheap flights to and from Szczecin Goleniow Airport from Dublin. Find the cheapest flight to Szczecin, see, search and book actual travel offers...

A New Old City

During the day, you can explore the old Town Hall and the National Museum that are located here in the square while grabbing a...

A Show At the Summer Theatre

The Summer Theatre is one of the largest outdoor amphitheaters in Poland, having over 4,500 seats available. It’s situated next to a large pond and...

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About Szczecin

Szczecin, which is one of the major seaports of Poland, sits at the conjunction of Dabie Lake and the Oder River.Because of this strategic location, there has been a permanent settlement at this location since at least the 8th century. Also known as Stettin, the city has seen much upheaval throughout its long history, starting near the time of its official incorporation through World War II. It has also seen its fair share of tragedies, including losing a third of its population to the Black Death during the Dark Ages.Why should people visit Szczecin? With a fully rebuilt city center thanks to the massive destruction of the second World War, this city still holds true to its art nouveaux heritage.

Catch a Show at the Pionier Cinema

Certified as the world’s oldest cinema in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Pionier Cinema first opened its doors for customers in September of 1909. Of course it is a cinema, so it’s going to be showing movies that may or may not suit your fancy. There are coffee shops next door and the cinema offers a fully operational snack bar. It has been renovated for modern functionality [as it is a full working cinema], but you can still get some flavor of what it would have been like to watch a silent movie with orchestra accompaniment. If you want to see a movie while in Szczecin, this would be the place to go.

Take a Stroll Through the Central Cemetery

Normally cemeteries are places people tend to stay out of, considering the constant reminders of death that surround you when you are in one. Central Cemetery, however, is different. It’s the second largest cemetery in all of Europe and it has more of a park feel to it than a creepy cemetery feel. There are many monuments throughout, memorial fountains, and historical significance throughout. If you want to see the entire cemetery, you might consider renting a bike for your exploration efforts.

Enjoy a Sunday Afternoon in Blonia Square

With monuments, a large concentration of sycamore trees, and a large park that lends more informality, Blonia Square is one of the nicest places to spend an afternoon in Szczecin. There are places for coffee and cakes, along with plenty of places to sit, where you can enjoy the long and peaceful views. Walkers love the square and can be seen there in all seasons. The buildings in the square are colorful, 19th century, and provide the overall community atmosphere that the Square inhabits. If you want a taste of true Szczecin, this is the place to get it.

Are You Ready To Visit Szczecin?

Szczecin is a bastion of Polish culture that is filled with museums, theater, cinemas, and gardens galore. There’s plenty to see and do with the family if you so choose, or even just on your own. Maybe what’s best about Szczecin is that you’ve got plenty of room to explore.


Szczecin video guide

Szczecin is an excellent city to visit. There is something for everyone to do and enjoy. The beautiful nature, the historical sites and monuments, the...

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