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#Guernsey Visit Guernsey The Essential Guernsey: A Channel Islands Masterpiece Fans of the BBC show Doctor Who may instantly recognize pictures of Guernsey because the bright blue...

National Tourist Office

When visiting the country, the best way to great adventures is to ask the locals what to see and do. At the tourist information office you can get local, professional and free advice, for the best preparation and start of your holiday.

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Guernsey Tourism Authority

Traveladvisor in Guernsey: Are you going on a vacation you can get lots of free and professional help, traveladvice and information from the National Tourism Organisation.

Discover the country and the cities getting the most out of your vacation with the professional help from the people who knows their country and their culture the best.

Guernsey Information Centre
North Esplanade
St Peter Port










City Guides

Saint Peter Port, Capital of Guernsey

#Saint Peter Port Visit Saint Peter Port Serving as the capital of Guernsey, Saint Peter Port is a community that features intriguing narrow streets that can...

Discover Guernsey

Golden sand, crystal clear blue ocean and a summer climate that rivals the South of France (most of the time!) and it’s all on our doorstep! A forty minute flight out of Stansted or Gatwick or two hours by ferry from Weymouth will get you to Guernsey or Jersey, the two largest islands, and from there you can take hourly ferries to Herm or Sark or a local flight to Alderney.

The stunning natural beauty of these islands is complemented by the local pace of life, which some visitors have likened to stepping thirty years into the past. The Channel Islands offer a real variety of experiences for lovers of all ages, with Jersey and Guersey offering surfing, dolphin watching trips, shopping, nightclubs, while the smaller islands are pure relaxation centres, Sark’s Seigneurial Gardens are stunning and rich and Herm, the smallest of the islands to be open to the public, is only a mile by a mile and a half (about the size of Hyde Park) and surrounded on three sides by fine golden sand.

The variety and laid back attitudes of the islands make them a perfect destination for lovers young and old and are also ideal for those travelling with children, who can rest assured that the kids will find plenty to amuse themselves with, leaving the parents free to enjoy some quality romantic time.

Discover Channel Islands

Experience all of the islands in one trip.

Discover these island treasures located between Britain and France. These unique islands boast beautiful coastlines, magnificent harbours and something unique to discover on each island. Holidays to the Channel Islands are the perfect blend of coastal views, fun activities and local villages. The five islands that make up the wonderful Channel Islands are Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm. All islands offer pristine beaches and a rich cultural heritage.

The island of Jersey offers interesting museums, galleries, heritage sites and beautiful architecture. History lovers will enjoy discovering this culturally rich island. To experience some of the most magnificent nature reserves, visit the island of Guernsey and stroll through cliff top pathways and explore the semi-tropical plants.

The Channel Islands offer a wide variety of excellent accommodation. For a luxurious and relaxing holiday, choose to stay in the area of St Aubin on Jersey Island. Stroll along the stunning port and relax on the golden sandy beaches.

Stay in the capital of Guernsey Island, St Peter Port and admire its picturesque seafront and cobbled streets. Take a stroll along the port and admire the church, the Candie Gardens and enjoy the boutique shopping.

Stay in the area of St Brelade on Jersey Island for a relaxing holiday by the spectacular bays. Visitors can try canoeing, kayaking or simply relaxing on the tranquil beaches. Channel Islands accommodation has something for every type of visitor.

Discover each of these unique islands. The Channel Islands offer spectacular natural scenery, a rich history and plenty to see and do on each island. Holidays to the Channel Islands are a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For an unforgettable mix of stunning scenery and rich heritage, the Channel Islands are the perfect getaway.

Explore the island of Jersey and enjoy its stunning natural scenery. There are fantastic beaches, coves to explore, country lanes, boutique shopping and delicious cuisine. Jersey offers a beautiful coastline contrasting with impressive cliffs to the north. You will not find yourself more than three kilometres away from the sea on this island. Apart from the gorgeous coastline, visitors can explore the countryside of old farmhouses and pretty flowers covering the landscape.

Visit the island of Guernsey and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands and boasts spectacular natural beauty. Relax and admire the rolling hills, valleys and traditional Guernsey style farmhouses.

Alderney is a small island offering a quiet paradise. At the centre of the island is its capital, St Anne. Discover the pretty pastel coloured houses along the narrow cobbled streets. Visit the town’s museum and learn about this islands interesting history. Alderney also offers fantastic cliff paths to cycle or walk along and admire the wonderful scenery. Relax on Telegraph Bay and enjoy the golden sands and sea.

A trip to Sark Island is a step back in time. Visitors will notice the shortage of vehicles here. Only farmers may use their tractors or authorised vehicles to transport luggage to the hotels. Hire a bicycle and explore the narrow lanes, meadows, farms and cliff paths of Sark. Find yourself gazing out from the cliffs to the wonderful views island draped in wild flowers.

For a relaxing holiday, Herm is the island for you. Herm Island is mostly untouched and includes a wide open countryside and white sand beaches. Visitors can follow one footpath which will see you around the whole island. Discover Shell Beach where thousands of shells are washed onto shore.

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