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Do you know that when Christopher Columbus discovered the Dominican Republic, he considered it as the most beautiful island in the world? Not only Christopher Columbus has been known to have said that. Tourists who have been to the Dominican Republic would agree that it is indeed a paradise like no other. Coming from a well-traveled person like Christopher Columbus, it definitely is a great compliment, and more importantly, a very credible one.

Travel to Dominican Republic means any time is a good time. Unless there’s a storm, which is very rare, the sun shines all through the days of the calendar. There may be some brief showers occurring mostly at sunrise, in the late afternoon, or at night. But in general, you can expect the weather during your travel to Dominican Republic to be partly sunny or partly cloudy. And even if it does have its share of rain, it would not be something that could ruin your trip.

Even if the best time to travel to Dominican Republic does not really depend on the weather, as it varies only slightly throughout the year, there are a few “tips” that you may want to consider.

* December to April are the “cooler” months. The temperature may go down to 18C on some days but can still go up to as high as 28C. You can also expect the nights to bring cool tropical winds.
* March to April is the time to fly kites. These are the breezy months of the year which makes kite-flying its major event.
* May to June are the wettest months. However, the El Niño and La Niña weather conditions have changed it. So the sun shines as usual during these months with chances of brief showers mostly in the later afternoon.
* August to September are the hottest months of the year. Temperatures can go up to as high as 34C.
* October to November used to be the wettest months but weather conditions have changed it. Rainstorms in the Caribbean are unlike those in other countries. They usually just last for not more than five minutes and the sun shines again. Umbrellas can be seen carried by the locals, but they definitely don’t have any use for raincoats.

Travel to Dominican Republic may be on the basis of the high and low season. The peak season for travel to Dominican Republic happens from December to April, and the summer months June to September are the second peak season. Expect hotel rates, transportation fares, and tour packages to be more expensive. So if your plans to travel to Dominican Republic is based on a certain budget, fly there on the off peak months. After all, you’ll be enjoying the same paradise.


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