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Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s most popular destinations for tourists.

It features the Trivoli Gardens, a combination theme park, amusement park and scenic garden that provides fun and entertainment for the whole family. The Round Tower observation deck is also popular for its panoramic views and spectacular scenery. Glyptotek is an interesting statue of The Little Mermaid erected in 1913, commemorating the Hans Christian Anderson story of the same name. Frederiks Church is also popular with visitors this large marble Baroque church stood unfinished from 1770 until 1874 and was finally completed in 1894.

Visiting Beautiful, Cultural Odense

Visitors to Odense will want to include the Egeskov Castle on their travel itinerary as well as the Odense City Museum, Carl Nielson Museet Museum, The Railway Museum, and Hans Christian Anderson’s Childhood Home. Also popular are the Frydenlund, a beautiful nature center and wildlife park, the inspiring St. Canutis Cathedral, and The Odense Zoo which will provide fun filled hours for everyone in your traveling company. If you still have energy, the Brandts Klaedlfabrik Art Museum, Friluftsbaget Water Park, the Museum of Photographic Art and the ever popular Aquatic World can leave you exhausted and smiling at the end of the day.

While Denmark has many wonderful sights and experiences it is necessary to narrow down a few choices and choose your stops before setting out on your exploration of all that Denmark has to offer.

Denmark has much to offer the bird watcher as well as the extreme thrill seeker and all of us in between.


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