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#Poland Visit Poland Poland offers beautiful views of the Baltic Sea. It has faced challenging times throughout its history, but that has helped the country become...

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Visit Lodz

As one of the largest cities in Poland, you’ll find everything you love about spending a holiday away in Lodz. Make your way to Piotrkowska Street, which is one of the longest commercial streets in the world at over 5 kilometers, and you’ll find multiple days of exploration awaiting you.

Hidden gems in Lodz aren’t so hidden. Sculptures are seemingly on every street corner. Building facades have been fully renovated and look to be straight out of the 1th century. Art installations are cropping up everywhere. Even new art museums, such as the Modern Art Museum, have expanded your exploration opportunities within the last few years.

A visit to Lodz should include the Jewish Cemetary. It’s on Bracka Street and one of the largest of its kind in Europe. It was established in 1892 and contains a memorial to those who suffered from the ghetto that was imposed in the area during the war.

Lodz offers an amusement park with several attractions, including an 18-meter roller coaster, impressive botanical gardens, and several parks to explore. Memorials at the Radegast railway station, Dabrowski Square, and other locations make for an interesting day of exploration in the city.

One unique stop in the city is Manufaktura. It is a 19th century textile factory which has been turned into a unique shopping complex.

Lodz has built for itself a sterling reputation in the world of industry. Visit the city today and you’ll find the cultural and exploration opportunities are just as fantastic.

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Lodz Tourist Information

Centrum Informacji Turystycznej
ul. Piotrkowska 87
90-423 Lodz

T: +48 42 638 59 55

www: website link

National Tourist Information Poland

#Touristboard Poland Tourism Contact Traveladvisor in Poland: Are you going on a vacation you can get lots of free and professional help, traveladvice and information from...

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Coronavirus & travel restrictions Poland

#Coronavirus Poland Coronavirus status - Poland How is the coronavirus situation in Poland ? See the statistics for the country in confirmed and present active Covid-19...

Dentist in Lodz

Dental treatment in Lodz Dental travel is about letting the savings on your dental treatment pay for your holiday in the city. If you choose to...

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Emergency numbers Poland

999 – Ambulance 998 – Fire Brigade 997 – Police 986 – Municipal Wardens From Mobile telephone 112 - All emergencies Mountain rescue service (GOPR) + 48 601 100 300 Water rescue...

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Best of Lodz

The name of the city, which translates to “boat,” was initially listed in official documentation in the early 1300’s. For several centuries, Lodz was a small town that was simply a center of several grain farms that were in the area.

In the early 1800’s, however, many German immigrants were given territory deeds in return for building homes and factories within the city. In World War II, the city was darkened by Nazi Germany as many death camps were set up around the city, though after the war Lodz actually served as the capital of Poland until Warsaw was rebuilt.

Take a Stroll Through Lagiewniki Park

Home to the largest forest that resides within a city’s limits in all of Europe, there are plenty of paths to explore when you visit Lagiewniki Park. Ride your bike, take a run, or simply enjoy a stroll with someone you love as you enjoy a taste of nature away from the city… while still in the city. There are plenty of food stands throughout the park in case you get hungry and if you want some beer, that’s available too. Just remember that it’s warm beer! Finish off the day with a horse ride and you’ll have created one of your very best days here.

Go Back In Time At the Museum of Cinematography

If you enjoy film and theater, then you’ll enjoy a visit to the Museum of Cinematography in Lodz. There are plenty of cartoons always playing throughout the museum, many of which are fan favorites. You’ll also get to see old filming equipment, techniques that were used to create film, and other film-related exhibitions. It’s a great place to go to turn back the clock, remember sitting down on a Saturday morning, and feel like you’re back in time with your family as a child once again.

Walk Down Piotrkowska

One of the longest pedestrianized steets in the world, there are plenty of shops, parks, and cultural sights that will let you really get a glimpse of what the Polish people are truly about. Fantastic sculptures line the streets as you can window shop at many top stores. There are plenty of restaurants and bars available if you get hungry or thirsty, with plenty of color from seasonal flowers showing all along the street. All in all, Piotrkowska is just a cool place to hang out and enjoy life.

Are You Ready to Visit Lodz?

Lodz really has a lot to offer, from a wonderful opera house to an incredibly fantastic array of parks and gardens to explore. If you love history, you can get a glimpse of the tragedies that occurred in Lodz, and if you love a good comeback story, that’s in the history of this city as well. With historic walking areas, a zoo, and plenty of cathedrals to explore as well, Lodz can keep you busy for weeks! Why should people visit Lodz? Because this city can help you overcome anything, just as it was able to overcome the unimagineable.

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