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Visit Lithuania

Lithuania is a land of spectacular beauty. Whether you’re following an isolated nature trail or exploring the Old Town of Vilnius, you’ll find the efforts to preserve the traditions and history of the land and its culture are amazing. Lakes, rolling hills, forests, and much more are waiting to greet you when Lithuania becomes your next destination.

There are many hidden gems to be found when exploring Lithuania.

Palanga is a beautiful resort community on the Baltic Coast, providing access to the sun and the sea in a way that is supremely relaxing.

Trakai is a small community, but a former capital of Lithuania. It used to be the residence for rulers during the Medieval era. You’ll find a resort area there, a historical national park, and access to numerous outdoor activities.

A unique world heritage site in Lithuania is the Curonian Spit. This peninsula allows visitors to explore ethnographic villages, a seaboard forest, and tall sand dunes.

Cycling is a popular activity in Lithuania. Bicycle pathways are found in most cities, while groomed trails are often available in the rural areas of the country. Two international cycling routes trace their way through the county as well.

For those who love a good wildlife encounter, consider Labanoras Regional Park. Eagles, wolves, and lynx have been seen there. There are nearly 300 lakes, with about 70 of them open for swimming, plus streams that are perfect for a canoe.

Lithuania is a nation that is filled with independence and wonder. Find your way here and your heart will feel satisified.

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