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Visit Latvia

Latvia provides access to the Baltic Sea. It has natural wonders to explore, such as the widest waterfall on the continent at Kuldiga. The castle ruins at Cesis are a popular spot to enjoy as well. Riga, with its world heritage site, is always a popular travel destination.

There are also hidden treasures to enjoy with a stay in Latvia. Consider stopping in Karosta, which used to be a secret military town. You can spend a night in the former prison and have a memorable experience by being treated like a “prisoner” during your stay.

Sigulda is a popular town to visit thanks to its castles and historic sites. If you prefer a small town experience, consider staying in Madona for its rolling hills, private forests, and beautiful lakes.

Yet one cannot ignore the over 500 kilometers of coast that Latvia offers. Many of its beaches offers sands that are soft, white, and warm. Most have developed amenities to enjoy while you relax as the waves gently come in.

If you are not at a beach in Latvia, then there is a good chance that you’re hiking along a forest trail. Nearly half of the country is covered in forest, with several nature parks offering unique services to enjoy.

Latvia is for the outdoor enthusiast. It is for the person who loves to explore history. It is for the individual who wants a quiet afternoon on the beach with the warm sun overhead. There is no denying the fact that Latvia is also for you.