If you are trying to stretch out your time around the Old Market and want a quiet place to just relax, then you’re going to want to find a bench in Jasne Blonia.

It’s located right next to the Town Hall and could very well become your favorite place in all of Szczecin! It’s a popular place for everyone to take a leisurely walk, although in the morning you’ll find plenty of joggers occupying the paths as well.

There are a couple of monuments that are worth seeing in Jasne Blonia as well. The first is a monument to Pope John Paul II and the second is often just referred to as the “Three Eagles.” It’s a monument that is dedicated to the three generations of town residents that have dedicated their lives to maintaining the authenticity of the city.

The park is open around the clock and there are no visiting restrictions that are enforced, though at night you may wish to stick to the lighted trails.


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