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Gellert Dental, Budapest

Gellert Dental Kelenhegyi út 39 1118 Budapest

Réka Horváth, Budapest

Réka Horváth Budapest

Viktor Cegledi, Budapest

Viktor Cegledi Bartók Béla út 18 1111 Budapest

KG Dental, Budapest

KG Dental Tartsay Vilmos u. 14. 1126 Budapest

Academia Aesthetica, Budapest

Academia Aesthetica Kelenhegyi út 39 1118 Budapest


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Visit Budapest

Budapest is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

One glimpse and any doubter will become a believer. From the spires of the Hungarian Parliament to the paths of the Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest has fused contemporary living into a historical contest that is not duplicated anywhere else in the world.

More than 200 museums and galleries can be found in the city. Temporary exhibitions are held in many of the parks throughout the summer months as well. From art to science to culture, there is something that will appeal to everyone.

The libraries of Budapest provide an interesting diversion for those who love to research ancient cultures. Historic relics from before when books were printed can be found in some of the collections in Budapest.

There are nearly 50 theaters, opera houses, and concert halls to be found in Budapest as well. If you want to catch a performance or a concert, there is almost always a live event going on somewhere.

Additional sites to see include Heroes’ Square, Buda Castle, Vajdahunyad Castle, and the Szechenyi Chain Bridge. For those who love religious sites, Saint Elisabeth Church is a masterpiece. Matthias Church and Saint Stephen’s Basilica offer unique exploration opportunities as well.

Several municipal gardens, parks, and outdoor public spaces are well-maintained in Budapest as well. Playgrounds for children are frequent. Many parks offer seasonal activities, such as boating and ice skating. Additional areas of forested land are set aside for hiking and biking, along with trails that meander with the Danube River.

Budapest invites you with its beauty, but tempts you to stay with everything else it offers. Find your way here and your experience will be magical.


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