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Visit Hungary

Since it was first founded, Hungary has been a culture that is ethnically diverse. In the early 20th century, the borders for the country were altered, but the cultural influences have not changed. Throughout the country, you’ll find German, Slovak, and Romanian influences mingling with the Hungarian experience.

Hungary has one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. Numerous world heritage sites can be found within its borders. Lake Balaton, the largest in the region, along with Hortobagy, the largest natural grassland on the continent, provide unique exploration opportunities.

Budapest provides a visitor with numerous opportunities to experience the culture of Hungary in a unique and authentic way. Vibrant communities and vineyards are around Siofok, which serves as the gateway to Lake Balaton.

Harkany, found along a historic wine route in Hungary, is world-famous for its spa.

In Northern Hungary, you’ll find historic towns that feel like you’re taking a trip back through time. A unique feature found in this region are cave baths. Both Miskolc and Eger offer visitors a chance to embrace this regional culture in an interesting variety of ways while providing access to the nearby Bukk Mountains.

Aggtelek has beautiful caves to explore as well, with stalagmites and drip stones creating a powerful impression.

Whether you come to Hungary to relax and enjoy a spa atmosphere or you prefer to see one of the largest Baroque castles in the world in Godollo, there is something here for everyone. It is a country filled with natural splendors that are always inviting you to come and stay for some time.

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