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Visit Greece

With whitewashed walls, blue accents, wide beaches, and emerald seas, Greece already has much to offer any visitors. When the resorts, historic sites, and ancient cultures are added into the mix, one has the perfect destination for almost any reason.

Greece is a land that is filled with natural beauty. The weather is reliably sunny, there is a thriving nightlife in almost every city and village, and plenty of water sports opportunities that include snorkeling, diving, and surfing.

Although it is easy to picture Greece as it appears on many tourism sites in the Cycladic mind’s eye, it is a land that rich in cultural and architectural diversity. Each region has its own beauty to offer, from the Neoclassical emphasis in cities like Nafplio or the Ottoman influences of Grevena.

In total, Greece has more than 6,000 islands that are scattered throughout the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Of that total, more than 225 of them are currently inhabited, though that number may be as few as 160. This is where you’ll find unspoiled island life, pristine beaches, and a quiet place to relax.

Many of the Greek beaches have been awarded blue flags under the Blue Flags of Europe Program, meaning that wind sports, water sports, and swimming are world-class.

Greece offers more than 4,000 years of civilization to explore. The waters are safes. The distance between the coast and the ports is minimal, making island access simple and affordable. If you feel lost, this nation invites you to find yourself again.

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