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Visit Estonia

Estonia is a Baltic state that offers visitors a dynamic coastline, beautiful beaches, and Medieval towns that can be found amongst the remnants of the previously occupied territories of the Soviets.

Summers can be short in Estonia and the winters can be fierce, which means planning a visit in advance creates an advantage. Then decide on which region will satisfy your need to explore.

North Estonia provides the industrial and metropolitan centers for the nation. Be sure to visit Tallinn while staying here. It’s defensive walls and towers from the Middle Ages are still intact, but you can visit a site like Paldiski, which is an abandoned Soviet-era base, to see the contrast between the two cultures.

South Estonia offers visitors a chance to embrace the unique cultural heritage of the country. You can also explore Karula and Soomaa National Parks and their unique trails and natural wonders.

East Estonia is where you’ll find the seaside resorts that can help you relax. This small peninsula lets you enjoy the Gulf of Finland or access the shores of Lake Peipus.

West Estonia and its islands have numerous resorts to enjoy as well. Parnu is often referred to as the “summer capital” of the country. You’ll find small villages, rich cultural opportunities, and exploration opportunities at Vilsandi and Matsalu National Parks.

Estonia can take you to beautiful castles, ancient ruins, or beaches that offer sun, sand, and surf. Plan your adventure today and you will discover why this small Baltic state offers is such a gem.