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Dentist in Spain

Dentist in Spain Vacation and dentist at the same time ? You can do both !  Going abroad for cheaper dental treatment is increasingly popular. Many...

Dental treatment in Madrid

Dental travel is about letting the savings on your dental treatment pay for your holiday in the city.

If you choose to come here as the destination for your dental travel, you should plan to see the sites of this beautiful city and the surroundings. See our travel planner with loads of travel ideas and recommendations on what to do during your dental vacation trip.

See the offer from some of the best dentists and dental clinics in the city.

City Guide

Madrid, Capital of Spain

#Madrid Visit Madrid As the largest city in Spain, as well as the capital of the country, there are plenty of modern amenities and activities to...

Popular dentists in Madrid

Below you can see a list with popular and recommended dentists

About medical treatment abroad

It has long been a popular way of saving money on the medical expences and in the same moment enjoy a vacation.

Dental vacation in Madrid

Notes of flamenco drift lazily over the streets in the summer heat. Vibrant colors fill the street as restaurants and cafes bustle with life. Beautiful towering cathedrals command views of historic plazas full of people. Yes, this is the great city of Madrid. Nightclubs pumping with the latest electronic music keep the party going well past dawn, while more traditional cultural centers like museums and galleries dot the landscape. This is the land of Picasso and Goya, where the finer things are enjoyed by all.

Madrid, like any great European city, has a wide variety of experiences to offer any traveler. From botanical gardens in Cortes to brand-new restaurants to top clubs, there’s never a boring moment in this cultural hub. Stay in the heart of the city center and never be too far away from the vibrant nightlife of Madrid, or in the suburbs for a more relaxing trip. Those looking to travel around Spain should make camp near Atocha to be close to the rail station for early starts on day trips.

In Madrid, the colorful streets house adventure around every corner. It’s one of the most visited cities in Europe, and with good reason. Travelers head to the Plaza de Espana for a look at beautiful architecture, including an Egyptian tomb that was transplanted to Madrid.

Then there are the museums, which easily sit among the best in the world. The Golden Triangle of Art, which consists of three neighboring art museums, features works by such masters as Velazquez, Goya, and Picasso.

Spain’s rich artistic tradition is on proud display in Madrid. El Prado museum alone houses over 10,000 European works, ranging from Caravaggio to Titian. Then there’s the modern art-Dali, Miro, and more. The numerous art museums are joined by institutions specializing in Architecture, Natural Sciences, and more.

Madrid’s color doesn’t only come from its culture, however. The city is hailed for its ratio of trees and green surface to resident, and this tradition is best soaked in by visiting one of Madrid’s many parks and gardens. Buen Retiro Park sits on the grounds of a former palace, and houses the Forest of the Departed, a lake, and the Palacio de Cristal. Another park, the Casa de Campo, houses the Madrid Zoo, amusement parks, and multiple rivers. This is all before mentioning the Royal Botanical Gardens and the environs of the Royal Palace-all are stunning, and the perfect way to unwind after a night in any of the city’s famed nightclubs.

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