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Dentist in Spain

Dentist in Spain Vacation and dentist at the same time ? You can do both !  Going abroad for cheaper dental treatment is increasingly popular. Many...

Dental treatment in Granada

Dental travel is about letting the savings on your dental treatment pay for your holiday in the city.

If you choose to come here as the destination for your dental travel, you should plan to see the sites of this beautiful city and the surroundings. See our travel planner with loads of travel ideas and recommendations on what to do during your dental vacation trip.

See the offer from some of the best dentists and dental clinics in the city.

City Guide


#Granada Visit Granada Located right at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalusia, Granada sits just off of the Mediterranean Sea and contains one...

Popular dentists in Granada

Below you can see a list with popular and recommended dentists

About medical treatment abroad

It has long been a popular way of saving money on the medical expences and in the same moment enjoy a vacation.

Dental travel to Granada

Granada is probably the most worthwhile city in Spain for visitors. In addition, a student-driven nightlife, skiing and trekking in the nearby Sierra Nevada, Granada offers a break from the summer heat of other Andalusian cities.

Home to the Alhambra Palace, built by the Moors, the city of Granada from whence the regions name is derived is a city of historic beauty. The Alhambra dominates the city and must be included as part of any visit here. The palace and its gardens were built under the rule of the Nasrid dynasty of caliphs. They created their vision of paradise on earth and in doing so built the magical building that still fills its visitors with awe today. The melding of stone and water, is an architectural masterpiece and provides a feeling of calm and coolness, especially in the mid summer sun.

The ancient Moorish quarter of the Albaicin, gives a feel of the Moorish influence and culture that dominated this city and is a wonderful place to relax as the sun sets over the Alhambra while enjoying a meal or drink in one of the many bars and restaurants.

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