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Dentist in Spain

Dentist in Spain Vacation and dentist at the same time ? You can do both !  Going abroad for cheaper dental treatment is increasingly popular. Many...

Dental treatment in Calpe

Dental travel is about letting the savings on your dental treatment pay for your holiday in the city.

If you choose to come here as the destination for your dental travel, you should plan to see the sites of this beautiful city and the surroundings. See our travel planner with loads of travel ideas and recommendations on what to do during your dental vacation trip.

See the offer from some of the best dentists and dental clinics in the city.

City Guide


#Calpe Visit Calpe Calpe, which is also commonly known as Calp, is a town in a very strategic location on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea....

Popular dentists in Calpe

Below you can see a list with popular and recommended dentists

About medical treatment abroad

It has long been a popular way of saving money on the medical expences and in the same moment enjoy a vacation.

Dental vacation in Calpe

Calpe is located in the northern area of Costa Blanca just north of Altea and below Denia. If you want a hot spot of beauty and relaxation on the Mediterranean Sea then this is an ideal vacation spot.

Calpe was begun as a fishing village and fishing is still a major part of life in Calpe. This means that you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood when you are in Calpe. Calpe is as beautiful as it is delicious.

Calpe means a rock that is steep and treacherous and Calpe deserves this name. You can view this rock formation that gave Calpe its name, which is called the Penon de Ifach. This is also where the smallest national park in Spain is located to protect all of the native plants and animals that live near this formation. Many rock climbers love to climb the rock for the awesome view of the coast that you get from the top. If you are adventurous than you should go for it.

During the summer months you can enjoy shopping at the arts and crafts fair that goes on everyday of the week except for Monday. Here you can buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family from local artists and vendors. This is located in the lovely Old Town of Calpe.

You can witness the legacy of the Romans in Calpe including the ruins of a villa that existed during Roman times. You can also see the old walls of the town, which are near the old city area and the Moorish quarter. These were erected to help the town ward off invaders including pirates.

If you want to check out some attraction parks, a hot nightlife, and more sight seeing opportunities than you can visit the nearby city of Benidorm. Benidorm is close by and you can rent a car to drive to Benidorm while you are exploring Costa Blanca.

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