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Visit Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a land of ancient castles, fascinating monasteries, and beautiful mansions. It’s location in central Europe has allowed numerous cultures and ideas to mingle, creating a unique culture that provides for one of the best experiences that can be found on the continent.

Each region has something to offer a visitor today.

In North Bohemia, you’ll find winter resorts and outdoor exploration opportunities in the Ore and Giant Mountains.

South Bohemia is full of forested landscapes, hidden castles, and rivers that offer numerous recreational opportunities.

Central Bohemia has volcanic mounds, endless green pastures, and unique trails to explore while giving visitors the chance to enjoy the metropolitan atmosphere of Prague.

East Bohemia gives you access to the highest peak in the Czech Republic and more of an authentic cultural experience.

West Bohemia is the home to several small spa towns and breweries. If you like to kick back and relax, this is the place to be.

The Highlands offer an opportunity to tour world heritage sites and explore Renaissance towns that seem to be perfectly preserved in time.

North Moravia is an industrial region with rolling hills, beautiful parks and gardens, and opportunities to embrace local life.

South Moravia has a slower pace of life and a rural atmosphere to enjoy. You’ll find vineyards, brandy, and sunshine are abundant in this part of the Czech Republic.

It may be small and landlocked, but the opportunities to create the perfect holiday are endless with a visit to the Czech Republic. Plan a visit and you’ll see why it has been such an influential area in the development of Europe over the generations.