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If you wish to enjoy the traditional seaside resort experience in Croatia, then Opatija is one of your best options. It’s just a short drive from Rijeka, located on the Istrian Peninsula, with a coastline that is rugged and rustic, but thoroughly enjoyable.

One of the top landmarks in the region can be found in Opatija. A Benedictine abbey, built in the 14th century, can be found in St. James Park. The church was built in the 16thcentury, enlarged in 1937, and stands in the same location.

Make your way to the 19th century Villa Angiolina for a fascinating boutique museum experience.

Opatija is surrounded by a forested bay laurel landscape, which gives you opportunities to take on a trekking adventure if you wish. Go in the morning when the day is still cool, then relax on the beach to enjoy the afternoon sunshine. Snorkeling and swimming are available all year long, while water sports rentals are often provided with a resort package.

The Chocolate Festival, held annually every December since 2005, provides visitors with some of the best local desserts and international chocolate brands. Exhibitors take over the local ballroom and provide tastings, while the museums, restaurants, and galleries all offer chocolate-themed events and specials.

If you love the idea of a resort, but want to a chance to explore, then Opatija is a wonderful opportunity. It gives you access to sun, sand, and surf when you want, along with a trail that can take you into a moment of peace when you need it.

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