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Katowice Centrum In Drone Video

See Katowice from a drone, illuminated city centre

Katowice Seen From A Drone In HD

A very nice video of Katowice seen from a drone in HD, the video will show the most popular spots in the city such as Akademia Muzyczna, Music Academy Biblioteka Śląska, Central Library Centrum Nowoczesnych Technologii Informatycznych, Centrum Technology Dworzec PKP, Central Station Muzeum...

Welcome to Katowice 2017

Promotional video of Katowice, Welcome to Katowice 2017

Katowice City Of Inspiration

Promotional video of Katowice

Katowice Illumination Of Flower Plaza

A very good video in HD showing illumination of representative area of Katowice, including Flower Plaza with surrounding areas - Central Plaza, Theatrical Plaza, Plane-tree Plaza and Relax Zone and decorative lighting on poles along Korfantego street.

Katowice Centrum By Night

Katowice centrum by night and seen in a nice drone video. The video shows central Katowice and the museum.

Katowice Christmas Lights

Katowice and the christmas market stalls are illuminated every night during the christmas market season. In this video you can see the christmas lights of Katowice in HD.

Szczecin video guide

Szczecin is an excellent city to visit. There is something for everyone to do and enjoy. The beautiful nature, the historical sites and monuments, the cultural events, art galleries and museums make Szczecin an exciting city to visit. So as you...

Pomeranian Dukes Castle

Szczecin is a city that is rich in history. It was inhabited by the Slavonic settlers and later by the dukes of Western Pomerania in earlier centuries. Western Pomerania was then divided stuck between Sweden and Brandenburg-s and later was...

Old Town Szczecin

Although many of the medieval structures were destroyed during wartime, there are still many magnificent structures to see. The Pomeranian Duke's Castle and the Basilica are just a few key sights. The Castle is home to the Opera House, a...