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St. Jacob’s Cathedral, Szczecin

St. Jacob's Cathedral (Katedra św. Jakuba). The large Gothic cathedral is the main church of the city.

Fountain Waly Chrobrego. Szczecin

Fountain Waly Chrobrego. A nice fountain that lits up in the evening is a popular Szczecin meeting point.

Dancing fountain show. Szczecin

Dancing fountain near Teatr Pleciuga (ul. Wielkopolska). A nice - and free admisson -  fountain show which is very popular among the inhabitants and tourists. The show lasts 30 minutes and starts every summer day at 21:30

Museum of Technology. Szczecin

Museum of Technology (Muzeum Techniki) you will find at Niemierzyńska 18A. Dreaming of being a tram driver? - Get in the simulator at the museum. The museum has a nice collection of vintage cars, motorcycles, buses and trams.

Palace under the Globe. Szczecin

Palace under the Globe (Pałac pod Globusem) is an old palace situated on Plac Orła Białego. It is the building where two rulers of Russia (Catherine II and Maria Fiodorovna) were born.

Emerald Lake (Jezioro Szmaragdowe), Szczecin

Emerald Lake (Jezioro Szmaragdowe) is a lake in an artificial cave and forest area (Puszcza Bukowa) situated in Szczecin Zdroje district. From here you can have many great views on the city and it is a nice area for hiking and...

Pionier Cinema, Szczecin

Pionier Cinema was established in 1909 which makes it the oldest cinema in the world still in operation

Park Żeromskiego, Szczecin

Park Żeromskiego. This is one of the many popular city parks in Szczecin. Park Żeromskiego is situated in the center of the city between Waly Chrobrego and Pazim/Galaxy buildings.

Loitz’s Tenement, Szczecin

Loitz's Tenement (Kamienica Loitzów). Interesting tenement near the Old Town. It is painted flashy orange, you can't miss it.

Pomeranian Dukes Castle, Szczecin

Pomeranian Dukes Castle (Zamek Książąt Pomorskich). Houses a museum, restaurants and cafes, and also houses tourist information office, you can get some free maps, pamphlets etc