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Visit Sofia

If you love visiting capital cities, then Sofia must be at the top of your list. For several years, it has been at or near the top of the most affordable European capitals to visit. Not only does a visit here put you halfway between the Adriatic and Baltic Seas, but you’re also at the foot of Vitosha Mountain.

Sofia has more than 7,000 years of continuous inhabitation, which makes it the second oldest city in Europe. As it motto suggests, it is a community that grows, but does not age.

You can explore a modern cityscape, enjoy the numerous green areas, explore ancient sites, or get outside the city and enjoy what nature can offer you. There are 4 primary parks to enjoy in Sofia, along with the extensive Vitosha Nature Park, which is the oldest national park in the Balkans.

One stop that must be on every itinerary is the St. George Rotunda. This 4th century masterpiece is the oldest building in the city and contains the walls of the ancient Serdica fortress and part of the Amphitheater of Serdica.

Sofia is also a unique contrast in architectural style. You’ll find Baroque Revival influences, neo-Gothic buildings, and the stark equality of Socialist-era housing sitting side-by-side.

Be sure to explore the interior of Saint Sofia Church and the exterior of the Russian church as part of your exploration.

Sofia is one of those communities that has something to offer everyone. Make your way here and you’ll find it to be a wonderful destination.

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Sofia, Airport

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