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#France Visit France France is the world’s most visited country for many good reasons. You’ve got iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the speak of...

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Visit Brest

Located in Brittany and one of the westernmost cities in all of France, Brest sits in a sheltered position near the very tip of the Breton Peninsula. It’s not only a beautiful harbor, but it is also one of the most important French military ports as well. It’s on the continental edge of Europe, right on the Atlantic Ocean, and the community has spent the last few decades becoming a service-based community instead of an industrially based one. Are you ready to experience this incredible seaport that is steeped in history for yourself? If you are, then here are a few suggestions to consider during your time in this community.

The Primary Location to See? The Chateau de Brest

The importance of Brest as a strategic seaport has been known since the early 17th century and the history of this community revolves around its castle. The Chateau de Brest was built up for fortification over the course of two centuries until it fell under Nazi control during the second world war. Once the Allies regained the territory, the emphasis on storing armaments changed for this community and it began to focus on providing services.

A tour of the chateau is like stepping back into medieval times. The castle itself is well-preserved and the portions that needed to be restored or rebuilt were done very carefully to match up with the existing structures. From the top of the ramparts, you’ll be able to see this community stretch out before you and it is quite an amazing sight!

Because it is a seaport community with a military emphasis, the National Navy Museum is also one of the best museums of its type not only in the country, but in the world. It’s inside the castle and you’ll get a look how Brest has developed from the perspective of the sea as you linger along the exhibits. Finish off your time here with a great meal at one of the seafood restaurants along the pier and you’ll create a perfect day.

Why Not Learn the History of the Oceans Too?

Oceanopolis is a cool name for anything, but in Brest you’ll get to learn about the history of the planet’s oceans from the perspective of the scientist. It’s a showcase of the research that the French people have undertaken in the area of oceanography and there are three fun pavilions to explore that are devoted to the three primary marine ecosystems that are in play on the planet.

It’s a busy area, so plan for lots of people to be around. Shops and restaurants abound in this science complex and school programs are often running for children. Over 4 million people have visited this site since the year 2000 and for good reason: it is interesting, has opportunities for exhibitions and film, and lets you see over 10,000 different sea species in over 50 different tanks.

Are you ready to visit Brest soon? These essentials will help you get your trip started off on the right foot! From the sea to the chateau and everything in-between, this beautiful city has much to offer and the fresh perspective it provides will create a relaxing, enjoyable experience

Sights in Brest

Castle of Brest

Discover unique structure and incomparable installations and preservations that is being made in this landmark. In addition, it is a fact that this castle here in France is said to be the city’s famous landmark. As an advantage, you can now have documentary film and pictures which will define your contentment of being a tourist here in Brest, France. Experiencing the feeling of being satisfied is always obtainable in Castle of Brest.


Which is based in the Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc is commonly visit by tourists who wants to enjoy spectacular show which are being performed and conducted by animals. The legal operation of this landmark creates happy face for these exhibitions that are being performed by the stars of the sea. The landmark is open most of the days in a week except Monday. It can give you a lot of stories including the conceptualization of sea and other related details. This park has also four diversities compose of temperate, polar, biodiversity and tropical. This is a best place for family or group of friends and even lovers to have an enjoyable but affordable expense.

Naval Museum

Which is based in Château de Brest can give you the entire possible replica that they have under the concepts of different ships. This museum has all the quality of making you feel amaze on how creative French is when it comes to building ships and fleets which are competent around the globe. This establishment also has paintings that can explain you briefly and concise on how French are so excellent in this line of work. This is a landmark that is installed with very fascinating nautical themes to make replica really cool to look into.

The Tanguy Tower of Square Pierre Péron

Is a must see attraction when you finally decide to visit Brest, France. Buy some time and check out all the following attraction that can be seen in this place. Be amaze because this tower is intact with collections that are being exposed for exhibits. Some of these exhibits are exposing artifacts and maps that describes the geographical structure of Brest, France and the following important details about the history of Brest, France including the exact places that you want to be visited.


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Brest Tourist Information

Office du Tourisme Brest
8 Avenue Georges Clemenceau
29200 Brest

T: +33 2 98 44 24 96

www: Website Link

Tourisme Bretagne

Comité Régional du Tourisme de Bretagne
1 Rue Raoul Ponchon
35069 Rennes Cedex

www: website link

National Tourist Information France

#Touristboard France Tourism Authority Traveladvisor in France: Are you going on a vacation you can get lots of free and professional help, traveladvice and information from...

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Local currency in France, Euro

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