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#Ascension Island

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Visit Ascension Island

Ascension is an isolated island, midway between South America and Africa, and is named after the day it was discovered.  It has served as a naval station, a coaling station, and currently hosts one of four ground antennas that help with GPS operations.

Before 2002, visiting Ascension was an almost unheard-of opportunity. Not only was the island difficult to reach, but visitors would be required to have a sponsor. Since then, a hotel and some guest cottages have opened, but all visitors must obtain an entry permit as part of their travel plans.

Golf on Ascension is quite unique. Instead of greens, the courses have “browns.” Made from compacted lava, diesel oil smooths the landing area for the ball. Large boulders surround the “fairways.” It is one of the most unique golf experiences available in the world today.

What really draws people to Ascension are the incredible beaches with unpredictable tides on the island. Swimming in English Bay and Comfortless Cove is possible, but with caution. If you prefer more of the beach than the water, the white sands at English Bay lead to stunning vistas where the sky meets the sea. The weather is hot, almost always sunny, and that makes the water warm around the toes.

Snorkeling and sport fishing are excellent when the tides and the weather decide to cooperate. All in all, it is easy to see why this hidden gem of an island can provide a laid-back tropical holiday. Make your way here to experience life in a whole new way.

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