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by James C on Dental treatment
Albusdent is grate at it work

"I live in Central London and i have been to a few of the top Dentists from Harley Street to Chelsea over the years, till now!

Never again will i be going back to any London Dental centres! The service i received at Albusdent Dental Centre in Krakow has been the best I have ever seen and experienced. The care and professionalism is 100%.

What comes first is the results they give, and I can assure you that the work i have had done ….it’s amazing! Not to mention the price compared to England.

As soon as you arrive you are looked after, they get to the “root” of your problems and together they set out a plan, in my case, it was to spend 5 days on the top part of my teeth and then have a week off and then come back for another 5 days to do the bottom section of my teeth.

My first impression of the Dental Centre was extremely pleasing, all the equipment was very modern, sterile and looked more than up to date than the UK!

There was a lovely girl called Magda who co-ordinated my dentistry plan with myself and my new dentist explaining which days I needed to come in, and the time each procedure was expected to take, she also explained the price structure, and made sure that any other requirements or concerns I had were taken care of.

Initially I had some worry that maybe they don’t understand English, that was not a problem, there English was very good and my mind was instantly put at ease.

My Dentist (Dr Natalia) was my appointed dentist who carry out all of the work I had during my stay at the Albusdent centre. I cannot thank her enough for her work. She made me feel very relaxed at all times, and explained everything so thoroughly that I always felt confident and all my questions were answered.

So over the next few weeks I spent around 10 days with Dr Natalia. Now lets be honest, you would think that having serious dental work is not fun nor is it painless! Well I’m telling you, if i didn’t have Dr Natalia as my dentist, i know it would of been a LOT HARDER for me! So For all the work i have had done over that 10 days it was such a pleasure to have Dr Natalia.

And when it comes to Dr Natalia’s work, for example, my upper 2 crowns was so bad (basically broken inside) it looked like dental implantation was the main option, now most dentist’s would just go with that option, because it's all about the money! But is there a solution? If you can avoid taking out your teeth you should.

Dr Natalia found that by doing a root canal treatment on my 2 crowns and keeping each side of the crown and taking away all the decay & bacteria & everything else in the middle, leaving just the shell of the crowns.

Now Dr Natalia had the option to do large fillings inside the crowns and to have a Composite Onlay to go on top. A lot cheaper and a lot less pain than having implantation! I did on the other side have 1 crow implantation, and there was nothing that could be done to save that crown at the back, it really was severely damaged! So i can say from experience about it being less pain! Now they look amazing, the 2 composite onlay crowns along with the ceramic veneers, fillings etc etc thanks to Dr Natalia, my teeth look the best they have ever looked.

I also must give a special mention to Dr. Kotowski for the treatment I received from him, which include the implant and removal of my Crown. How can anyone forget this sort of treatment would be crazy!!

Dr Kotowski did a really good job. I didn’t feel a thing when having the removal or the implant, thank god! You only start to feel pain a couple of days after. But this is normal for anyone who takes this sort treatment. Nothing painkillers cannot help you with, in the end, its worth it!

So to round this review up, i saved money and i got everything done in a good time span, with a Dentist that is devoted and dedicated and extremely professional. And i also had enjoyed my time in Krakow city. Its a 5/5 for the dental centre, and 5/5 for its staff and if you're as lucky as i was to have Magada look after you as well as Dr Natalia then you're in the best of hands.

And for me to do a review means something as i don't ever do reviews! 😉

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