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Video naming the 10 best Christmas Markets

There is a lot of interesting christmas markets in Europe. See video from the 10 best christmas markets in Europe and find inspiration to a christmas shopping trip.

10: Zagreb, Croatia
9: Salzburg, Austria
8: München, Germany
7: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
6: København, Denmark
5: London, England
4: Bruxelles, Belgium
3: Strasbourg, France
2: Praha, Czech Republic
1: Wien, Austria

Brussels, Capital of Belgium

#Brussels Visit Brussels Brussels, which is sometimes called Bruxelles, at one point was voted as the most boring city in all of Europe. Considering the whimsical...

Copenhagen, Capital of Denmark

#Copenhagen Visit Copenhagen The restaurants in the city have a total of 15 Michelin stars. There are parks, bike paths, and walking trails throughout the city...

Frankfurt am Main

#Frankfurt am Main Visit Frankfurt am Main As one of the leading financial and commercial cities in the world, it has one of the best standards...

London, Capital of United Kingdom

#London Visit London London is one of the largest cities in the world and it is a community that has an influential hold on world politics,...


#Munich Visit Munich Munich is the capital of the Bavaria region in Germany and for many around the world is known because it hosted the 1972...

Prague, Capital of Czechia

#Prague Visit Prague It wasn’t that long ago that there were two reasons to go to Prague: to drink cheap beer and to get a glimpse...


#Salzburg Visit Salzburg With one of the best preserved city centers north of the Alps, the first images that are conveyed when one things of Salzburg...


#Strasbourg Visit Strasbourg Located near the border of Germany, Strasbourg immediately comes to the minds of many because it is in many ways the seat of...


#Vienna Visit Vienna Wien, which is more commonly known as Vienna, is the capital of Austria and one of the largest cities in the European Union....

Zagreb, Capital of Croatia

#Zagreb Visit Zagreb Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia and is unique because it is broken up into 17 distinct city sections. It is the...

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